• Safe and Modern Infrastructure:

    Failing roads & bridges risk the safety of our families, while damage to our vehicles from endless potholes burdens our budgets. I am committed to finally closing the gap between the roads we have and the roads we need.
  • Investing in our Children:

    Children are not one size fits all, and each deserves an equal opportunity to learn. Lansing’s top-down approach prioritizes standardized testing companies’ profits over our children’s learning. I oppose over-testing. I support proper funding for science labs, art, music, and small class sizes.
  • Accountable and Honest Public Service:

    I know that this is not enough to recognize problems. We need to elect people who are truly accountable to US the citizens of Grand Traverse County, not party bosses and special interest donors. That is why this campaign is entirely citizen funded and that is how I will champion finance reform and accountable government in the State House.
  • Clean Air and Water:

    A high-quality environment is vital for the health and well-being of ourselves, our families, and our future. I believe it is time to take responsibility for protecting our Great Lakes economy and way of life.